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Class Activities

Levels One, Two and Three

At Oakville Children’s Music Theatre, we provide a solid foundation of artistic development and character building. Our team of instructors have formal training in various artistic strands and have educational backgrounds with extensive teaching experience. As such, we are able to foster a positive and inclusive learning space, while delivering a rich program through effective teaching methods to ensure that every student is given equal opportunity to discover their passions and skills within the performing arts. In addition to this, through their participation in musical theatre productions, students experience personal growth as they learn the importance of respecting and trusting their classmates, building confidence and most of all, working effectively as a team. Our instructors design and execute thorough lessons that enhance students’ skills and knowledge in music, drama, and dance.


Every class begins with a vocal warm up with our instructors. During this warm up, students learn musical terminology, while working on their diction and range with volume and pitch. Throughout the year, they develop vocal and listening skills for music and gain an appreciation for the pleasures of music through participation in a musical production. The music is transposed to fit the vocal range of the performers. Our pianist is there for all classes throughout the year. We showcase their musical talents in our year end productions that feature live musicians, without any recordings, soundtracks or playback.


Under the direction of our Choreographer classes receive both group and personalized instruction. Dance helps to develop co-ordination, musicality, and flexibility. We place particular emphasis on the importance of awareness and being in sync with fellow classmates to further enhance the students’ understanding and appreciation for team work and cooperation. Students will learn a variety of dance steps and various dance routines to be performed within a production at each age level.



Students also receive personal and group instruction from the Director, Assistant Director and Drama Instructor in acting, theatricality and stage dynamic.

Participants will learn how to identify with, and develop characters through vocal tone, projection and physicality. Furthermore, students learn and are encouraged to use theatre and stage terminology during rehearsals. Through interactive drama activities, students learn the principles of tableau, mime, and improvisation.

Class Levels

There is a full “Broadway style” musical showcase in June for each class in Levels One, Two and Three

A costume will be required for all students at each level, cost will be determined after roles are assigned during term two. We strive to provide a quality costume using professionals in the dance and theatre industry while keeping your cost as low as possible.


Level One: JK, SK, Grades One and Two

Our skilled and caring teaching staff will lead our youngest students through the exploration of their voices, movement, and the expression of their feelings. At this stage, we place emphasis on projecting their voices and pronouncing all their words clearly during songs and dialogue. Students will develop their ability to focus and take direction, while discovering the world of performance.

Level Two: Grades Three, Four and Five

The students at this level explore creativity, body movement, facial expression, singing, and storytelling in a supportive class atmosphere. The difficulty level in songs and dances are increased and we provide opportunities for solo and small group numbers. At this stage, we place emphasis on the physicality of actors and how to adjust voice and movement to suit the age, status and personality of a character. Extensive theatre activities, voice and physical exercises help in learning character and scene development.

Level Three: Grades Six, Seven and Eight

Here students continue the development of basic acting skills and broaden acting styles through work in scripted scenes. Students learn the principles and components of proper improvisation and participate in a number of activities to expand their improvisation skills. At this stage, we place emphasis text analysis, and ensemble work to sharpen concentration, observation, and listening skills. Students are encouraged to understand their characters’ motives and personalities through the study of their script and dialogue. This will help gain the instincts needed to respond truthfully on stage with fellow performers, play character roles and actions fully, and speak with clarity and ease.

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