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Classes Will Resume At Oakville Academy In September

Celebrating our 26 th Year in Oakville

We would like to honor and remember our past students who over the last twenty five years have moved on in their lives. We have fond memories of all of them. Some have chosen to continue with their quest in drama and musical theatre arts, some have chosen other careers. We are proud to think that Oakville Children’s Music Theatre’s dedication to the development of self confidence and self esteem in our young students has helped in preparing them for not only the theatrical stage but the world stage as well.

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Based on the Charles Dickens Novel “Oliver Twist!
Production June 2021


Good Afternoon Dianne,

 Yes, Angelika enjoyed watching ‘Livia’. I can’t imagine the amount of work and effort that went into it.



Hi Dianne,

We watched Livia.  What a show and tremendous effort devoted.   Jeanne would like to continue her musical theatre journey with you.  So please count her in for the coming fall.

Best wishes, Lily

Thanks so much for the Livia downloads. I think the girls all did an excellent job, especially given the challenging circumstances!! 

Thanks, Katherine 

Good morning Dianne,

Aanya would like to continue next year. Please add her to the list.
Thank you and have a wonderful summer.
The production was amazing!! The kids did very well!



Thanks to everyone who helped put this together.
Happy summer break.


Hi Dianne,

Thank you to all of you for your hard work and dedication. We saw the first video and it looks great! Look forward to seeing the rest.

Take care, Margaret

Hi Dianne,

Jeanne has said that she is looking forward to the class in September.   You and your team did a terrific job during challenge time.   To overcome all the difficulties and make the show happen,  kids and also parents learned a lot from this journey.   I believe that after a few years when you look back, you would be proud of what has been achieved.

A big thank you, and Iook forward to the final production.

Take care, Lily

Just a quick note to let you know that since my daughter has started musical theatre (Level 3), we have noticed a huge change In her confidence level at school. She had a big presentation to make at school on Chris Hadfield, the astronaut where she took the presentation to a whole new level and was the only student in Grade 6 to receive a 4+ (A+). She was in a Choir for 6 years before starting with you in September and we can see how this experience of performing skits, solos and auditions has been a big confidence booster.

Many thanks to you and your team 👏.

With kind regards,

Thank you for making every child feel like a theater star. Thank you to you and your team for putting your heart into every line, song and dance rehearsed. Thank you for showing Portia that her talent is special, her voice should be heard and she has the support of her theater community.
Oakville Children’s Music Theater is pure magic.

Have a wonderful summer. We’ll see you in September.

Sincerely, Rita

Our daughter has been a part of this amazing music theatre for 6 years! Every week she looks forward to seeing her friends and staff who are always supportive and enthusiastic. Thanks!

The Footcare Nurse

Thank YOU!!  She just loves theatre and it has helped her immensely with public speaking and putting herself out there.  We’ve come a long way since her first day! 

You are teaching her an excellent life skill…you all do a fabulous job!


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Recognized by The Government of Canada for Working with Children in Their Pursuit of Musical Theatre Since 1995

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Oakville’s only Theatre Arts Program dedicated exclusively to Musical Theatre


Oakville Children’s Music Theatre has been recognized by the Government of Canada for working creatively with children in their pursuit of musical theatre since 1995.

Oakville Arts Council

The Oakville Children’s Music Theatre is a member of the Oakville Arts Council and the Mississauga Theatre Alliance.

Award Winning

Award winning program for students JK through grade 8 is Oakville’s only Theatre Arts Program dedicated exclusively to Musical Theatre.

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Level One “Stuart Little”

Level Two “We Are Monsters!”

Level Three “Anne of Green Gables”

Jesse did a fabulous job tonight as valedictorian! She spoke confidently and owned the stage. Her musical theatre training shone! Thanks so much for building this confidence in Jesse. We are so proud of her!


Dianne Thank you so much for another fabulous season! We so appreciate all of your positive encouragement and consistent support of Cole’s artistic endeavours. See you in September.

Marilyn, Benda, and Cole

Ms. Devaux. Thank you for another fun music theatre year.


To Ms. Devaux and OCMT Staff. Thank you for a wonderful year. I really enjoyed drama this year.


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